First of all welcome to our Trusted Coin Solutions website! This page is a temporary solution for us as we are working on a more professional webpage.

We are a small group of crypto enthusiasts that have decided to bundle our knowledge and develop use-cases that are linked to other crypto projects. Consisting of Richard (BoxWallet), Han Peter(MentjoxMusic) and Kay(Kpcrypt0), we have many different talents and specialties. We hope you will enjoy our products, groups and mostly have fun using them!


Lottery bot – Our first working crypto product is a Telegram bot based lottery. By writing the code in a way that we can add any cryptocurrency, it makes it very easy for us to add an existing crypto to it.

To use the lotterybot just go to the lotterybot . Talk to the bot and type /start to start using it.

Follow these steps to buy your first tickets:

/coin - Select which coin lottery you want to join(multiple are possible)

/setaddress - Set your personal wallet address on which you want to receive your possible prize(s).

/buytickets - You will receive a wallet address where you can withdraw your coins to, the amount of coins you deposit on this address is the amount of tickets you receive.

Get lucky – the winners are automatically picked every sunday and prizes are distributed according to a percentage that is set.

Prizes Lottery Bot

On top of being able to win one of these prizes, you are able to win extra tickets by airdrops the team makes. To be elegible for these airdrops, make sure you have bought at least 1 ticket.


Richard "BoxWallet"

Richard a.k.a BoxWallet is the lead dev of the project. Working on his own BoxWallet multicoin wallet for Raspberry Pi, has the knowledge to add great features to our current and future projects.

Han Peter "Mentjoxmusic"

Han Peter a.k.a MentjoxMusic is a musician by heart and an expert in marketing and promotions. Working on promoting the brand and thinking of ways to reach the people is his specialty.

Kay "Kpcrypt0"

Kay a.k.a Kpcrypt0 is the design artist that works on the brand, coming website and promotion. Creating images, videos and graphics has been one of the major parts in his life the last few years.


Coins and Partners

We are very proud and happy with our partners. Check out all Coins here: